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      The man shook his head for denial, and his kindly twinkle commanded the belief of all. Not a glint in it showed that his next response, however well-meant, was to be a lie.You are the mistress here now, dearest, she said, sweetly.

      "Why, you po' city child'en!" laughed two sweet unprotected women. "Let these girls bresh you off. You sho'ly got the hafe o' Hinds County on you ... Pemberton's men? Law, no; they wuz on Big Black but they right out here, now, on Champion's Hill, in sight f'om our gin-house ... Brodnax' bri'--now, how funny! We jess heard o' them about a' hour ago, f'om a bran' new critter company name' Ferry's Scouts. Why, Ferry's f'om yo' city! Wish you could 'a' seen him--oh, all of 'em, they was that slick! But, oh, slick aw shabby, when our men ah fine they ah fine, now, ain't they! There was a man ridin' with him--dressed diff'ent--he wuz the batteredest-lookin', gayest, grandest--he might 'a' been a gen'al! when in fact he was only a majo', an' it was him we heard say that Brodnax was some'uz on the south side o' the railroad and couldn't come up befo' night ... What, us? no, we on the nawth side. You didn't notice when you recrossed the track back yondeh? Well, you must 'a' been ti-ud!"

      Lord Trafford! he said, raising his brows. Why do you call me by my title, Esmeralda? For Gods sake, let us get to the bottom of this mystery at once, for it is a mystery to me. Of course I will answer you, and frankly and truthfully. I am not in the habit He checked himself and spoke more gently. What is it, dear one?Im sorry, dear old chap; but never mind, said Trafford. Have a cigar.

      Presently Trafford felt a tingling sensation in his arm, and saw that the blood was oozing from under his shirt-sleeve, but he paid no attention to it.

      Will it be wise, Ada? he said, gravely.

      Barker twisted the chain of the locket into a bracelet and despairfully slipped it over Esmeraldas wrist. As she did so, there came a knock at the door. Barker opened it. It was Lady Ada; she was in her dressing-robe.Nothing, said Lord Selvaine. I am not offended, though I have every reason to be, after what I have suffered.


      "It's horses and mules again, Nan," gravely remarked Constance, and the three, facing toward him, with Miranda foremost, held soft debate. Whether the decision they reached was to submit or resist, the wide ears of the servants could not be sure, but by the time the soldier was dismounting the ladies had summoned the nerve to jest.


      As he reached the dukes door it opened quickly, and the dukes valet rushed out with a cry of horror.I should like her portrait painted, Trafford. It has not yet been done, has it?


      I know, she said, with a deep sigh. My money made you forget what I was. Lady Wyndover used to say that it was no matter what I did. I didnt understand that, among other things, but I do now. And I do not blame her for the part she has played.